Complete Rehabilitation, ITF, Aba

  • Complete Rehabilitation of Industrial Training Fund  Area Office, Aba

  •  Abia State

  • 2020

1. Introduction
The rehabilitation of the Industrial Training Fund Area Office in Aba was undertaken by Fran Nig Ltd. The primary objective of the project was to enhance the functionality of the facility by modernizing the infrastructure and creating a more conducive working environment. The project addressed significant structural issues, dilapidation, and safety concerns that were affecting the lives of the staff and the overall functionality of the office complex.

2. Scope of Work
The scope of work encompassed a comprehensive renovation of the main office building and other associated structures. This included:
– Remodeling the main office building and constructing new columns.
– Introduction of internal beams for reinforcement.
– Full restoration of the core structure connecting all office spaces, restrooms, and kitchens.
– Replacement of doors and windows with durable, high-quality materials.
– Replacement of toilet seats and tiles.
– Replastering and screeding of both interior and exterior surfaces.
– Dismantling and raising the entire roof to prevent leakages.
– Installation of new electrical fittings and internet connections throughout the building complex.
– Renovation of other buildings such as the storehouse, generator house, and perimeter fence to enhance storage, security, and safety.

3. Execution
Fran Nig Ltd. commenced work immediately after a thorough assessment of the office complex. The project team, consisting of experienced experts and skilled laborers, worked diligently to meet the set schedules and ensure the highest level of safety. The construction activities were executed with precision and efficiency to ensure minimal disruption to daily operations.

4. Achievements
Through the complete rehabilitation of the Industrial Training Fund Area Office, the following achievements were realized:
– The office complex was transformed from a dilapidated and unsafe structure into a modern, functional, and aesthetically pleasing workspace.
– The staff now enjoys an improved working environment, enhancing their productivity and well-being.
– The structural stability and safety of the entire building complex were restored.
– The installation of new electrical fittings and internet connections facilitates efficient operations and communication.
– The storehouse now provides ample storage space for supplies and equipment, improving overall organizational efficiency.
– The generator house ensures a reliable backup power source, reducing the impact of power outages on daily operations.
– The perimeter fence enhances security and safeguards the premises from unauthorized access.

5. Conclusion
The rehabilitation of the Industrial Training Fund Area Office in Aba was a remarkable project that successfully achieved its objectives of enhancing functionality and modernizing the infrastructure. Fran Nig Ltd. demonstrated expertise, efficiency, and a commitment to safety throughout the project, completing it within an impressive three-month timeframe. The revitalized office complex now stands as a symbol of excellence, providing a conducive and secure working environment for the staff and visitors alike.


Before renovation


Renovation starts

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Installation of overhead tank