Construction of Private Residential Duplex, Jos, 2008

Welcome to Fran Nig Ltd: Where Dreams of Vintage Luxury Homes Come to Life

In 2008, Fran Nig Ltd embarked on a remarkable project in the tranquil neighborhood of Rayfield, Jos – the construction of a private residential duplex. Our mission was clear: we didn’t just want to build a house; we aspired to craft a home that would stand as a timeless testament to life’s celebrations and be cherished by generations to come.

Our Vision and Scope of Work

Every aspect of this project was meticulously crafted to align with the owner’s unique style and preferences while making the best use of the expansive space available. The result was a masterpiece within the space of about 3,400 square meters, complete with an attached garage featuring a one story attached garage with an office on the to floor, a gatehouse, a fence with sliding well-oiled gliding security gate, a sprawling and picturesque garden.

Technical Excellence at Its Finest

This residence was not just a construction; it was a statement of grandeur. The ground floor boasts two generously proportioned sitting rooms, a welcoming guest room, a dining area fit for royalty, and a befitting spacious kitchen equipped with top-of-the-line electrical appliances, fully installed cabinets with easy sliding drawers.

Ascending to the first floor, you’ll find a comfortable sitting room leading to a balcony and four bedrooms, including a master bedroom that exudes luxury and comfort. The pinnacle of this architectural marvel is the top floor, a penthouse seamlessly integrated with a concrete roof and a private balcony to savor panoramic views.

Architectural Uniqueness: An Exterior That Sets It Apart

Our commitment to excellence extended to the exterior, where four elegant round columns supported the upper balcony on the second floor, framing the patio below. This distinctive feature lends the entire building a unique and captivating charm.

Beyond Construction: Transforming Dreams into Reality

At Fran Nig Ltd, our dedication to our clients goes beyond construction. We took the extra step to supply and install all the furniture, electrical appliances, and fittings, ensuring that every aspect of this home met the highest standards of elegance and functionality.

Discover the timeless elegance and craftsmanship that Fran Nig Ltd brings to life in every project. Experience the luxury of living in a vintage home designed for generations to celebrate life. Contact us today to explore how we can transform your dreams into reality.

rayfield, josrayfield, jos

rayfield, jos

rayfield, jos