Supply and Installation of Transformer, ITF, Jos

  • Supply and Installation of Transformer, Industrial Training Fund Headquarters, Jos

  • Plateau State

  • 2023

On March 31, 2023, Fran Nig Ltd. successfully supplied and installed a 300 kVA transformer at the ITF Headquarters complex in Jos, Plateau State. This strategic move aimed to enhance electricity supply reliability and efficiency, meeting the power demands of the newly constructed multipurpose hall, while also boosting the overall efficiency and functionality of the ITF headquarters complex.

Fran Nig Ltd.’s electrical engineer spearheaded the installation process, ensuring a seamless and secure setup. Precise positioning of the transformer and robust fastening procedures were implemented to guarantee stability. Additionally, stringent grounding and insulation measures were employed for a safe and proper connection of the transmission cable lines to supply electricity to the hall.

Our team’s expertise in transformer supply and installation assured a job well done. Safety remained our utmost priority throughout the project, and we diligently adhered to all safety protocols to protect both staff and property.

By completing this installation, Fran Nig Ltd. has played a pivotal role in bolstering the ITF headquarters’ power infrastructure, paving the way for an efficient and reliable energy supply to support its various operations.